Anti-Blog a Poem: Death in the KIss

Death in the Kiss

By Kalev Pehme


Long are the beats of the drumming heart, magic, love’s vision, palpitating

rapturous, physical frenzy, quickly now, inner pulse.


Falling in love sees eyes, ears to hear, songs secreting erotic glimpses,

O rolling snares, tom-tom, throbbing, quickly now, inner pulse…


…Goddess in love am I ever! Dark he is winged crow-black furious,

heavenly high, low as hell, rhythmic, layered woods, stressed cadence.


Melody I am his tune to his thump, lub-dub, thump, thump, cardiac

craving him so I sing planets and blue stars nocturnal.


O music vibrating, rotating, Eros, fold me like white paper,

and burn me hot into ashes in the flame of his passion.


Love sickness, love unto death’s skeletal embrace, angry and lipless

skull to be kissed chastely, mors osculi, dream sleeping soul.


Black roses bleed on her skin. Are the dogs sniffing for her? Phantasm!

Possessed she is. Inside her he the apparition lies.


Murmuring, whispering sweet loving words within dreams running naked

through the wood—day or is it night?—doesn’t know doesn’t care.    


Hearts beating as one, one within me, I run though forests, dogs yelping,

ready to rip the flesh off my hungering lusting form.


Leaving one love for the dark demanding lord of the drum, lord of the dogs, ghosts,

makes the hounds bark anxiously. They want to taste my body.


Fear as I run, psyche most in love, awakes! I want to live, goddess!

Dogs do I hear barking, unleashed, scattering to find me.


Prey, I am Death’s quarry, game for his dogs, faithless me, dreaming of love.

I’m in his wood running—drum beats—running from his black kiss.


Stars webbing fateful planets, Sun, Moon and her Nodes, make the netting tight.

He, lover, whirls the net above, throwing it onto her.


Snared, she falls, flapping like fish tangled in air. Drum beating. Dogs barking.

Dream fading. Rapturous Death, Life, and now snarls, sharp canines.


Packs of dogs bite into her naked body, ripping it like paper.

Screams, random cries screaming dream: Death wants his way into Life.


Ecstasy! Goddess in love am I ever! Black is my love’s embrace.

Our beating hearts drumming as one quickly now inner pulse.


Look above! There, stars shine, lighting love’s punishing my weak faithlessness.

Kiss again, kiss warmly my cold moistened lips kissing Death.


Unruly love lives in me forever drumming. Our hearts, bloodlessly

beat as the stars above constantly move him into me.


About Kalev Pehme

I am an icastic artist and a Straussian. I am not a conservative or neocon Straussian. Sadly, there are too many of them. My interests are diverse, however, and sometimes quite arcane. I have a deep interest in Daoism, Indo-Aryan religion, Buddhism, Plato, Aristotle, and whole lot more. I love good poetry. I also enjoy all things ancient. And I would like to meet any woman who is born on May 29, 1985.
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