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Kalev’s Anti-Blog: On the Introduction of Farabi’s Commentary on Plato’s Laws

The greatest of the Arab philosophers of Medieval times, Alfarabi, wrote a commentary on Plato’s Laws and he wrote a special introduction explaining Plato’s method of writing, which requires the reader to read in a special way. If we read … Continue reading

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Kalev’s Anti-Blog: Aristotle, Strauss, Pythagoras, and Hippodamus

We must imagine that Pythagoras has been summoned by the tyrant of Phliasians, Leon. By this time, Pythagoras was absorbed knowledge from Egypt, communed with Zoroaster and absorbed the wisdom of the Chaldeans, and initiated into the Orphic circles. He … Continue reading

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Kalev’s Anti-Blog: Fear and Piety

The ancient Greeks had no one, abstract word for “religion,” which has a Latin origin in religio, the attention to the worship of the gods. Instead, we know from Socrates that there are two words that include what we call … Continue reading

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