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Kalev’s Anti-Blog: A Short Story About Chicago and the Occult in the 1960s

Dark Forces By Kalev Pehme I was a young man in my first year in college when I was beaten by the Chicago police at a demonstration against the War in Vietnam. Fortunately, although one of the pale-blue helmeted officers … Continue reading

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Kalev’s Anti-Blog: Math and Reality

By Kalev Pehme In one of the great books of the 20th century, Greek Mathematical Thought and the Origin of Algebra, Jacob Klein delineated the difference between ancient and modern mathematics. How we understand mathematics truly speaks to how we … Continue reading

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Kalev ‘s Anti-Blog: Words Fail

By Kalev Pehme In an essay on Thucydides, Leo Strauss writes: “Wisdom cannot be show by being spoken of. How then can it be shown at all? Wisdom is the highest form of the life of man. How can the … Continue reading

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