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Kalev’s Anti-Blog: The American Military is a Teaching Machine

George W’s failure in Iraq and Afghanistan was owing to the fact that he doesn’t know anything about education, not being educated himself. While he took a very Wilsonian approach to spreading democracy, he didn’t understand that the American military … Continue reading

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Kalev’s Anti-Blog: Jihad and Peace

If war is natural to man, then it must have a metaphysical basis. Leo Strauss writes of Thucydides: “Human life moves between the poles of war and peace, or barbarism and Greekness, and of deed and speech. But this relationship … Continue reading

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Kalev’s Anti-Blog Four Poems about Chaos

Chaos I   Everything is lying between the lines. The needle’s point, magnified, is round. The coastline seems smooth, but the beach defines roughness; infinity is wrapped around inside, and then, again circling itself. What I have seen of you … Continue reading

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