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Kalev’s Anti-Blog: Rules of Attraction in 21st Century America

When I read for them, I frequently am asked by young women when they are going to meet the man of their dreams and what kind of marriage they are going to have and so on. Young women, in particular, … Continue reading

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Kalev’s Anti-Blog: The American Military is a Teaching Machine

George W’s failure in Iraq and Afghanistan was owing to the fact that he doesn’t know anything about education, not being educated himself. While he took a very Wilsonian approach to spreading democracy, he didn’t understand that the American military … Continue reading

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Kalev Pehme’s Anti-Blog Reading Silently

It is exceptionally bad that we don’t have Marshall McLuhan around today to make sense of our electronic world. The Canadian thinker became well known in the 1960s when his book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man somehow made into … Continue reading

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